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How Does Deposit Protection Work?

Step One

Client and supplier-partner sign a MeetingEscrow™ contract with the total amount of the advance deposit(s) to be protected, desired currency (USD, EURO or CAD) and the dates and amounts to be released to supplier-partner.

Step Two

Client receives MeetingEscrow™ invoice showing total advance deposits and fees. Client wires funds (note: fees can be paid by credit card) to Meeting Escrow Inc. Client & supplier-partner get confirmation of receipt.

Step Three

Our MeetingPayments™ integrated foreign exchange service ensures smooth and cost-effective conversion of originating funds, if necessary, to the currency in which the deposits are to be held and paid out to supplier-partner (i.e. from USD to EUR for a United States client doing a meeting in Europe).

Step Four

We safeguard client deposit(s) using our industry leading MeetingTrust™ segregated bank account system.  Every client deposit resides in a distinct, uniquely identified bank account in the currency in which it is to be paid to the supplier-partner. We offer USD, EUR and CAD segregated accounts.

Step Five

Supplier-partner receives MeetingEscrow™ international wire transfer(s) for deposit(s) on the exact date(s) indicated in the contract.

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