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Meeting and Event Planners: Your Time is Money

How many event or meeting planners do you know (including yourself) who take on the responsibilities of an accountant? A sales manager? An office manager? A CEO? Do you know any event professionals whose jobs consist of 90% meeting and event planning duties?

As an event planner, what you bring to the table is your years of events expertise, your charisma in selling a vision and your business savvy in managing a budget. If you’re spending time doing things a computer or an assistant can do, you’re depriving clients of the moxie that got you into the business to begin with.

To see where your time goes, Robert Kaplan, a professor of management at Harvard Business School, recommends ranking your top three priorities and tracking the time spent on them during the week. While this experiment can help to reign in the time we spend binge-watching on Netflix, it can also illuminate how much time during the work day we spend on tasks that are, quite frankly, beneath us.

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