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How Event Insurance Is Changing in 2021

Published in Northstar Meetings Group, February 11, 2021, Meetings-insurance coverage will cost more this year, but you might receive better support than ever from the companies that underwrite your gathering. As the events industry struggles to get back on its feet in 2021, looming Covid-19-related logistical and safety requirements add challenges to the recovery.

“If event planners' method of securing a fairly well-written liability release is in play, parties, concerts and conventions are looking a little better in 2021,” said Ryan Paules, founder at Radar Promotions in Los Angeles, Calif. However, he adds, “no event insurance policy covers infectious or communicable diseases to my knowledge, and these are always limited to an additional endorsement at an additional premium price. Event operators need to review the included coverages and, more specifically, the excluded coverages for their policies.”

The good news? There are ways to secure solid event protection — with the following issues at the top of planners' “must-know” list.


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