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Paris, Costa Rica Are Top Destinations for Meetings, Incentives

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Paris and Costa Rica top Global DMC Partners’s 2019 Global Destination Index, which presents the most popular meeting and incentive destinations for 2019 and identifies up-and-coming markets that are already trending for 2020.

Paris leads the list of most popular global destinations for meetings and conferences, while Costa Rica tops the list for incentives. The most popular destinations trending for 2020 are San Diego for meetings and conferences, and Greece for incentives.

The 2019 Global Destination Index is based on data from nearly 7,000 meeting and incentive programs in the more than 500 destinations represented by Global DMC Partners, the largest global network of independently owned destination management companies and creative event experts.

This year for the first time, Global DMC Partners separated the data into two categories — meetings and incentives — to highlight how cities attract different types of groups. In past years, the data was split regionally between international and North America.


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