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Risk management strategies: learning how to manage event uncertainty

Northstar Meeting Group, August 9, 2021 - As we focus on the future of meetings and events in the era of COVID-19, we are still not sure how or if to forge ahead. We were excited with reduced case counts but now there is the Delta variant looming around.

As Covid cases rise in various locations and safety guidelines change by location, have you had to move, reschedule or cancel any events? Are you considering it now when you hadn’t before? There are so many new challenges to consider. Meeting Escrow to the rescue and the flexibility that our escrow solution offers. This has proved very successful for both clients and vendors during the pandemic.

While meetings were constantly being cancelled, rescheduled and moved in 2020, the pandemic has revealed in a very transparent way which event organizers have a true understanding of risk-management strategies for conferences and those who don’t.

And while a global pandemic is an extreme example of what can go wrong with a scheduled event, it validated the urgent need for every organization to have a risk-management plan in place for any upcoming face-to-face meeting. The event organizer might have gotten a pass from executives in the organization for not having a preliminary response strategy for handling the coronavirus, but now the understandable expectation is that planners will have created a unique risk-management plan in place going forward.


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