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Road to Recovery from the International Conference Center Perspective

Following the recent AIPC Annual Conference which took place in July 2021 in Lausanne, Sven Bossu, CEO shares his thoughts on the road to recovery for the international conference center sector.

Grant Snider, President & CEO, Meeting Escrow was invited to speak about leveraging our financial and risk management solutions to elevate business development for conference centers in the COVID era and beyond. Download the presentation here.

Blog Post by Sven Bossu's, CEO, AIPC

This year’s AIPC Annual Conference, which took place in Lausanne some weeks ago, had Elevation as a theme, reflecting the ambition of the members to re-open for organized events and to bring these events to a higher level. The messages given by the different speakers and during the panel discussions were very consistent: our industry will thrive again. At the same time, we need to remain very agile, and customer focused, because event organizers are searching for new ways to connect with their communities and are looking at venues, destinations, and services suppliers for guidance on how to do so successfully. Continuous change will become even more inherent to the management of convention centers and will touch all aspects: from facility design to business models.

Having thought leaders as Grant Snider, President & CEO of Meeting Escrow Inc. on stage during the AIPC conference fitted perfectly with this exploration phase and brought new ideas to the table. Grant’s company offers an innovative, unique suite of financial risk management tools for international conferences including trust account escrow solutions and start-up financing to get events up and running before sponsorship and registration funds are generated.


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