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  • Why should we trust Meeting Escrow?
    #1) Comprehensive background checks are performed on everyone working with the company. #2) Client funds are held in trust with the Canadian banking system, ranked as one of the most secure in the world. #3) Client funds are not "commingled" (mixed) with any other client funds. Every client, every program and every vendor escrow has a separate account. #4) Meeting Escrow carries $7 million of insurance coverage to protect you in case anything happens.
  • Does Meeting Escrow earn interest on funds held in trust?
    No. Clients receive the interest generated.
  • Does Meeting Escrow invest the funds held in trust?
    No, we do not invest the funds held in trust. Client funds are held as cash in segregated, non-commingled trust accounts. Meeting Escrow is all about transparency and security, which cannot be guaranteed with speculative investments.
  • How does Meeting Escrow make money?
    Clients pay us an annual fee and a per program fee based on the amounts being held in trust. These are our only sources of revenue. We do not earn interest on client trust funds nor do we invest these funds.
  • Does Meeting Escrow pay commissions for referrals?
    Yes, we do pay commissions. In fact, for any referral of a new client that signs on with Meeting Escrow, the referring party will receive commissions for 3 years! Commissions do not affect client pricing. And by the way, existing clients are also eligible to earn commissions. So don't be shy!
  • Is Meeting Escrow's solution suitable for small programs?
    Yes - it is not about the size of the program. It is designed for organizations seeking financial transparency, security and risk avoidance. Internationals programs are well suited for our Foreign Currency soltution and other financial services.
  • What are the signals that suggest Meeting Escrow can provide value?
    #1) "Our DMC just closed its doors with deposits already paid, and we have a program to execute next week". #2) "We missed a vendor payment because we are so busy and I am overwhelmed by the volume of payments". #3) "It takes forever to get a cheque approved for payment". #4) "We would prefer to focus on program logistics and creativity and not spend time focusing on vendor payments". #5) "The hotel is not going to be renovated in time for our meeting and they have all of our deposits. What am I going to tell my boss".
  • What are the benefits to hotels and DMCs?
    #1) Reduce accounts receivables #2) Reduce credit card merchant account fees #3) Avoid financial risk #4) Unique selling opportunity for you to your clients
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