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Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs or "CVBs") and National Tourist Organizations (NTOs) can win more city-wide bids and position themselves strategically by partnering with Meeting Escrow. Here's how:

  1. Foreign Exchange Protection. Move your international clients further along in the sales cycle by proposing they lock in today's advantageous exchange rate and deposit their planned meeting or conference budget in trust with Meeting Escrow (we have in-trust accounts in 20 different currencies) while they finalize hotel and venue contracts. No more downside currency exchange risk.

  2. Subvention & Bid Funds. Position your subvention offer strategically by providing city-wide conference prospects with the assurance that your DMO will put the funds to be committed in escrow. Our Escrow Trust Agreement gives your clients comfort regarding future financial commitments and protects your DMO/NTO/CVB in case the congress or event does not materialize.

  3. Startup Financing. Help more congress bids succeed by accessing Meeting Escrow's startup financing service. Don't lose any more bid opportunities because a local organizing committee cannot secure startup financing or the volunteer researchers/doctors/hosts are unwilling to assume this risk. Meeting Escrow provides the cash to fund the loan and partners with your DMO/NTO/CVB to provide the guarantee. Don't get locked out of bids because of financing!

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