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If you’re still using your pet’s name or your phone number as your password or PIN code, you should be worried. Most privacy breaches occur because hackers exploit easy-to-find information to guess our passwords. Shortly after starting my position as Director of Operations at Meeting Escrow, I was told Meeting Escrow uses a Password Management System. Makes perfect sense since Meeting Escrow is a secure financial management solution for the meetings industry. It is a fabulous tool – no more forgetting passwords. Add this application to your laptop and mobile devices and access it whenever and wherever you need to. Use the “auto-fill” feature to automatically generate a system strong password. It’s seamless and effortless. All you need to remember is the password you chose to access the password management software. You can never be too careful in this in this environment of security threats. In addition to our $12 million of insurance, background checks on all our employees, and other security protocols, Meeting Escrow feels it’s crucial to have a password manager. The tool not only removes concerns about passwords, it provides additional security in the form of encryption, security score, automatic password generation; no passwords are ever re-used and no user in the company has access to another colleague’s password.

Here are a few links to the top password management apps on the market:

And a few articles if you are interested in more information: Liz Holtby, Director of Operations

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