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Case Study: Stop Carrying Cash to Events

Meeting planners have you ever been obliged to travel with substantial quantities of cash to pay for tips and other cash expenses onsite, worrying about answering questions from border authorities?

Not all hotels are willing to provide cash advances on your corporate credit card or simply bill the cash requirements to your master account.

Meeting Escrow has the answer! One of our key services is our Single Vendor Payment Solution - you make one payment to Meeting Escrow and we take care of all vendor payments right until final invoices are paid.

We solve the problem by:

1. Wiring funds, in the correct currency, to the hotel from the trust account that we have open for your event.

2. The hotel distributes the cash to you on site for use as tips, cash expenses etc.

Problem solved!

Read more about Meeting Escrow's payment solutions here. No matter how big or how small your event portfolio, we have a 100% secure payment solution for your organization.

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