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Meeting Escrow Proudly Supports the BestCities Incredible Impacts Programme

The BestCities Incredible Impacts Programme celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings to create a powerful platform to advocate their positive societal impact.

A panel of independent judges from the association world each year, determine which meetings have proven impact to award three grants of USD 7,500 on behalf of BestCities Global Alliance and ICCA.

In 2018, Down Syndrome International was awarded one of the three grants for the incredible legacy they created through their efforts to put people with Down Syndrome at the heart of their 2018 Congress in Glasgow.

Down Syndrome International:

Down Syndrome International (DSI), hosted their World Down Syndrome Congress in July 2018 in Glasgow. The congress brought together a range of professionals and researchers from health and social care, education, employment and human rights. People with Down syndrome and their families were also present for an inspiring experience of education with the aim of removing some of the stigmas surrounding the condition.

Their mission through the conference is to improve quality of life for people with Down syndrome worldwide and promote their inherent right to be included and accepted as valued and equal members of society. The congress had an outstanding impact by raising public awareness for the community, attracted over 1000 delegates, of which 120 were people with Down syndrome, and recruited a team of commissioners (adults with Down syndrome) as ambassadors for the event, with one member conducting a filmed interview with Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, used to close the ceremony. DSI plan to continue their commissioner programme for future congresses in Dubai and Brisbane, utilising their experience and expertise to pass this on to the next host city.

Incredible Impact funds are held in trust and released directly to grant recipients by Meeting Escrow Inc., an independent provider of secure payment and escrow solutions for the meetings industry worldwide.

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