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Conventus Switzerland - our Escrow Champion of the Month

We’d like to recognize Switzerland’s premier DMC & PCO, Conventus S.A., as our Escrow Champion of the month.

Founded in 1976, Conventus has one guideline and credo - to be a leading company, internationally specialized in the field of incentive groups, conventions and meetings.

Rudy Alofs, CEO & Chairman, commented, “when a client requested that our advance deposits be held in trust with Meeting Escrow until the start of the program next year, that they would deposit 100% into the escrow account up front, and that funds would be available to pay our vendor advance deposits, it was a no-brainer.”

He added, “Clients, if a supplier says no to the escrow process, you should question what they’re doing with your deposit money! Meeting Escrow is 100% transparent and secure”.

Rudy, we couldn’t agree more!

Thank you for being our Escrow Champion of the Month.

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