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EC Travel - our Escrow Champion of the Month

We are delighted to highlight UK’s premier Destination Management Company, EC Travel, as our Escrow Champion of the Month for April 2019.

Started in 1981, EC Travel has an unrivalled reputation for innovation and reliability. EC travel’s clients benefit from the services of their reputable suppliers who can turn on a dime to execute the unexpected which is so crucial in this industry.

Esmé Cook, founder and Managing Director of EC Travel recognized that there were so many benefits to working with Meeting Escrow in 2018, so when she was approached about adopting our “escrow solution” for a program in 2020, she didn’t have to think twice. The fact that their client will fund the escrow account to ensure they have the funds necessary to pay all venue and supplier deposits, is a dream. And to top it off, there is the added benefit that payments are sent by wire transfer in Pounds Sterling with all wire and bank fees paid by Meeting Escrow – no losses due to credit card merchant fees.

Esmé mentioned that she has a great relationship with her suppliers and only works with reliable, ethical partners–so they, too, like the Meeting Escrow concept. They know they will be paid because the deposit funds are held in trust until the service is rendered.

Thank you for being our Escrow Champion of the Month.

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