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8 in 10 UK and Europe planners are sourcing in‐person events

M&IT, October 6th – 8 in 10 UK & Europe planners are currently focused on booking or researching live, in-person events. This is a reminder for planners considering the use of financial risk management solutions such as bank guarantees, letters of credit or escrow solutions for advance deposits, to do so early in the planning stages and definitely before signing vendor contracts. To learn more, book a discovery call with one of our Meeting Escrow specialists:

80 per cent of event planners across the UK and Europe are currently sourcing in‐person events, according to the Cvent 2021 Planner Sourcing Report: Europe Edition.

Of those planners, 81 per cent are sourcing for events to take place in 2021, and 63 per cent are sourcing for events to take place in 2022.

The results suggest strong industry momentum as planners become more confident about hosting in‐person events across the continent.

Almost half (46 per cent) of respondents said that they are organising hybrid events, ie; events that offer both in-person and virtual experiences.


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