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How the hospitality industry can get back on track in 2021

This article, published in Conference & Meetings World, February 5, 2021, suggests 10 next steps to help get the industry back on track. Meeting Escrow is contributing to the recovery by providing clients and suppliers with increased financial security through our Advance Deposit Escrow solution. To learn more, book a discovery meeting with one of our financial risk management specialists.

More than 300 international brand leaders in the European hospitality industry were given valuable insights on how to proactively prepare for and roll-out their business recovery in 2021 and beyond when they attended the HSMAI Europe Day 2021. This included the HSMAI Revenue Optimisation Conference (ROC) Europe and Chief Officers Roundtable (COR) Day 2021 last week.

Speakers and facilitators at the virtual event included CEOs, senior management, academics, economists, researchers and brand strategists. They focused on a range of critical next steps for revenue optimisation, marketing, sales and distribution.

Here were their ten strategies for getting the hospitality industry back on track in 2021.


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