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How Tony Robbins Is Reinventing Live Events in the Virtual Age

It was one of the greatest challenges Tony Robbins had ever faced: COVID-19 had left millions of people feeling isolated, scared, uncertain and in need of the kind of personal transformation and connection he has been delivering for over four decades. But reaching people amid a lockdown is no small feat.

And technology wasn’t necessarily a help. Yes, social media platforms and off-the-shelf software allowed for the kind of small, virtual events we’ve all come to watch this year. But Tony Robbins does nothing small; he knew that what was available was not going be enough to make a significant impact amidst the unprecedented challenges so many people faced worldwide.

What he needed wasn’t an easy fix. He needed a reinvention.

Among all the innovations born from the COVID-19 pandemic, the transformation in the event business offered by Tony Robbins, widely known as the world’s #1 life and business strategist, is among the most profound.


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