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ICCA and BestCities announce 2019 winners of Incredible Impacts Grants

The Incredible Impacts Programme, now in its third year, run collaboratively by ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance, has selected three winning associations as leading examples of excellence within the global meetings industry. 

The programme sees associations trailblazing in the field making submissions that detail the unique qualities and legacies left by their conferences. An independent panel of industry experts selected the winners of this year’s Incredible Impacts grant as:

  1. European Lung Foundation in conjunction with the European Respiratory Society

  2. International AIDS Society

  3. International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

The three associations from across the globe will each receive a grant worth $7,500 towards future projects, in recognition of their hosted events excelling in areas such as legacy development, diversity and accessibility.

Showcasing a diverse range of events, the winning associations demonstrated an innovative, inclusive approach to ensure they left a lasting impact in their respective industries, as well as in the field of meetings and events that will go beyond their venue walls. 

Making a difference to the local communities of where the conference is held, to engaging youths and other diverse groups in meetings, and influencing societal or governmental change are ways that conferences can leave a legacy.

With the Incredible Impacts Grant Programme, it is hoped the winners’ examples will be a source of reference and inspiration for other event planners in the future.

Meeting Escrow is proud to be supporting ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance Incredible Impacts Program with our award-winning Escrow Trust Services.


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