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Key Insights From the 2020 Incentive Industry Roundtable

Legal expert, Jonathan T. Howe on event liability, discusses that proving a venue is responsible for a participant contracting COVID-19 is difficult since an incentive program, meeting or event results in a lot of exposure making it difficult to pinpoint.

The immense challenges and pressures incentive professionals face today were the focus of our annual roundtable, which took place last month during Northstar Meetings Group’s Incentive Live Digital 2020 event. This year’s version was conducted in a unique “deconstructed” digital format: Six thought leaders each gave brief talks on a single topic or area of the incentive industry, including motivation in a crisis, gifting and gift-card challenges, legal issues, program budgets, and supplier relations.

Afterward, these luminaries hosted deep-dive sessions with further insights and advice on their areas of expertise. Following are the highlights and key takeaways from their sessions.


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