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Martin Sirk on "Why Re-Opening will be Different"

Meeting Escrow's Advisory Board Member, Martin Sirk discusses why re-opening will be different, depending on the country and the circumstances.

Lots of commentary in our specialist media seems focused on the idea that “if that sector of the economy can open, why can’t we?”

This ignores the reality that until Covid‐19 within a county is either eradicated or reduced to such a low level that it can effectively be controlled, any mass gathering, no matter what safety protocols are in place, presents a “super‐spreader” societal risk.

This is why we’re starting to see careful opening up in specific countries but not others, initially for domestic trade shows and small meetings, where lots of space is available and controls and healthcare protocols can be easily implemented. However, whilst this can work for countries or cities with very low Covid‐19 figures, it can’t succeed where significant community transmission is still taking place. And international business events will initially only start-up for participants travelling between countries with shared low Covid‐19 profiles, and where there is mutual trust in the data and healthcare policies of the other party.

Read the full article here by M&IT Magazine


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