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Master the Emergency Action Plan For Your Event

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Even the best-planned events can fall prey to emergencies. And whether this emergency is an active shooter, a natural disaster or a medical issue, those responsible for the event are responsible for the well being of all attendees and speakers.

The secret to handling an emergency well is preparing to communicate effectively. This communication plan can’t be determined in the heat of the moment. The following three steps can aid in developing an effective emergency communication plan to keep everyone at an event safe.

1. Compile Contact Info in Advance
2. Pre-record Messages for Specific Situations
3. Create Avenues For 2-Way Communication

Creating an emergency action plan for your event can seem daunting, but it’s important to recognize that the key is communication.

Compiling info in advance, and even recording messages in advance, allows you to convey important information as soon as possible. Providing attendees with a way to reply or provide their own information allows you to stay up to date and keep other attendees up to date.

These three steps prepare you to efficiently handle any emergency that could disrupt your event, keeping organizers and attendees safe.


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