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Meeting Escrow Proudly Supports the BestCities Incredible Impacts Programme - APPLY!

The BestCities Incredible Impacts Programme celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings to create a powerful platform, advocating their positive societal impact.

Meeting Escrow holds the sponsor award funds in escrow on behalf of ICCA and BestCities and once the winners are announced, makes all of the payment arrangements. We sponsor the majority of our fees to help maximize the impact of this important programme.

If you have an incredible story to share, ICCA and BestCities want to hear from you. 

Who can apply?

Any international association whose meeting fits any of the following criteria:

•   Knowledge and/or skills transfer to developing countries –      especially if carried out in a creative manner or with very high impact. •   Knowledge and/or skills transfers to disadvantaged groups. •   Facilitating attendance and active participation by delegates from developing countries or     disadvantaged groups (eg ex-refugees). •   Public awareness-raising of an environmental, healthcare, or societal challenge or      potential solution. •   Policy-maker awareness-raising of an environmental, healthcare-related, or societal      challenge or potential solution. •   Educational outreach in the host destination (eg to schools or universities, or even the      general public). •   Advancing or empowering young, future intellectual and/or societal leaders – from      within the association or beyond. •   Long-lasting legacy programmes delivered within the host destination (could be      charity, investment, R&D, scholarships, etc).

We are also open to any other proposal covers the general objective of this programme


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