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Meetings industry forecast 2022

We thought we would lead our 2022 newsletter with an article that forecasts the meetings industry by Michael Shapiro of Northstar Meetings Group. Michael outlines the factors driving uncertainty and shares how experts predict things will unfold in 2022 and beyond. Uncertainty is here to stay and our financial risk management solutions continue to help our clients and vendors forge ahead.

"A year has passed since the meetings industry’s first pandemic-era forecast season, and prognosticators are now even more cautious in their predictions for events.

The factors driving the uncertainty are familiar and well-documented: Covid variants, vaccination rates, meeting protocols, comfort with gathering, technology, the environmental impact of travel and the need to trim expenses all will play a role in how we gather in 2022. Over the past year, we’ve experienced just how influential these factors can be — and how quickly market conditions can change."


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