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Pandemic: why it’s not over until it’s over for international meetings

Meeting Escrow's Advisory Board member, Martin Sirk and industry colleague, James Lancaster, discuss the pandemic and what has to happen before international association meetings return to the way they were.

For international association meetings to begin to look anything like they did before Covid-19, one of two things must first happen: either enough host countries push their daily case rate down to near zero to make overseas delegations a possibility, or science comes to the rescue with a vaccine or treatment (s) to ensure the novel coronavirus is no longer a serious health threat.

It is not controversial to say neither of these eventualities is imminent.

Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America are by far the biggest hosts of international association meetings, accounting for 52 per cent, 23 per cent and 11 per cent of gatherings respectively, according to statistics from ICCA, the meetings suppliers’ association. At the moment, freedom to travel between these regions is extremely patchy and, in some cases, subject to quarantine. Read the full article here by ami


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