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Roaring back: #Eventprofs ramping up for live events

According to the latest Northstar UK PULSE Survey by Paul Harvey, almost three quarters of planners are currently focused on booking or researching live, in-person events. This is a reminder for planners considering the use of financial risk management solutions such as bank guarantees, letters of credit or escrow solutions for advance deposits, to do so early in the planning stages and definitely before signing vendor contracts. To learn more, book a discovery call with one of our Meeting Escrow specialists:

The number of planners not currently focused on live in-person events has fallen to 28 per cent in the last month from 35 per cent in the last survey.

The remaining 72 per cent are either rescheduling or rebooking events (31 per cent), booking new events (12 per cent), actively sourcing for new events (8 per cent) or researching potential new events (20 per cent).

The latter showed a significant nine point shift, up from just 11 per cent in the last survey.


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