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Sharp reboot in face-to-face meetings

As reported in this “sharp reboot in face-to-face meetings” AMI article, September 22nd, “safety is a major concern, all the protective and preventative measures are put in place, and we notice that delegates feel very comfortable and confident and are quickly getting used to a new normality”. The “safety” concerns exist from the attendee perspective but that in turn translates to the conference organizer requiring financial risk assurances due to the uncertainty that will always be with us. Having options in one’s toolkit to use in the case of program cancellations or postponements are available through Meeting Escrow’s secure escrow trust account solutions. Please book a discovery call with a Meeting Escrow specialist to learn how our financial solutions can help your organization.

AIM Group International, the professional congress organiser has reported a spike in business activity during the final third of the year, with 35 events taking place involving 15,000 people.

And there had been a ‘sharp reboot’ in in-person meetings, according to the Milan-based company, including international association conferences with large audiences.


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