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Should We Be Holding In-Person Meetings?

There are arguments discussed on both sides of the “Should We Be Holding In-Person Meetings" debate in this Northstar Meetings Group article. The road to recovery for a successful restart consists of Health & Safety, Contract Flexibility and Financial Risk Management. The uncertainty of future plans can be resolved by considering Meeting Escrow's financial risk management solutions that can support organizations during these uncertain times by minimizing risk.

Nevertheless, Kleinfeld has been forging ahead with business. As director of Arrive Conference Solutions, he’s moved some meetings to digital and has been holding hybrid and face-to-face events since March — all with proper protocols in place and without incident. "In-person events can be planned safely," Kleinfeld insists. "I've done it. I know."

That is the prevailing sentiment among meeting professionals: According to preliminary results, nearly two-thirds of the 850 planners who responded to Northstar’s latest Pulse Survey, which has been tracking planner sentiment since March, believe in-person events can or should be taking place. Rising Covid-19 cases notwithstanding, 15 percent think we "absolutely" should be meeting face-to-face, while 48 percent think that we should meet "if all restrictions and protocols are followed and enforced."


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