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The CDC’s Latest Pandemic Guidelines for Events

Northstar Meetings Group, June 11, 2021, outlines the CDC guidelines for events. The recommendations include best practices and standards in the industry adopted alongside government protocols driven by science and medical advice. At Meeting Escrow, we have been working hard to help clients and vendors plan future events. In addition to physical health & safety requirements, we feel that financial risk management tools are necessary so that clients can sign vendor contracts with assurance knowing that vendor advance deposits will be held in escrow. This is a win-win for both parties. To learn more about how escrow trust solutions can help your organization, please book a discovery call with one of our Meeting Escrow specialists:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has further updated its mask recommendations, saying people are no longer required to wear a mask in outdoor areas of conveyances (such as the open-air level of a double-decker tour bus or the outside deck on a ferry) or while outdoors at transportation hubs. The agency continues to recommend, however, that people who are not fully vaccinated wear masks in these areas.


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