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The value of incentive travel in a post-pandemic world

SITE - December 2021 - by Eugenia Solano – SITE’s 2021 David Riddell Memorial Scholarship winner. Eugenia shares her perspective on the post-pandemic trends, two of which caught our eye: Health & safety and contingency planning. We feel the industry is doing a great job addressing health and safety requirements and contract flexibility. For clients that are focused on financial risk management, looking for transparency, accountability, and flexibility for contingency planning, clients and suppliers can work with financial event solutions companies like Meeting Escrow.

"Eugenia Solano, SITE’s 2021 David Riddell Memorial Scholarship recipient, is brimming with insights about the future value of incentive travel. Even though her winning essay (shared below) was penned before omicron arrived on the global stage, Eugenia’s thoughts are still incredibly relevant as we all continue working to create an even strong post-pandemic future for our industry."


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