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What will the future of convention hotels look like?

This article published in Hotel Management, February 8, 2021, discusses solutions such as flexibility, creativity, and forward contingency plans for the return to a “new normal.” Meeting Escrow’s Secure Vendor Program is designed for hotels and other industry suppliers to offer clients additional financial security for advance deposits as part of their recovery strategy. Have we caught your attention? To learn more, book a discovery meeting with one of our Meeting Escrow specialists:

The arrival of COVID-19 forced many hotels to close their doors as travel came to a screeching halt last spring. Among those that have been some of the hardest hit are convention hotels, due to postponed or outright cancelled events and group gatherings that are at the core of the business.

Since the spring, we have observed peaks and valleys of optimism that the industry will recover alongside creative innovations for new and improved hotel operations to get us there. With vaccinations now underway to protect against COVID-19, more hotels that were forced to close are preparing their plans for reopening and looking to others in the industry for a road map to recovery.


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