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When Do We Really Need Face-to-Face Interactions?

As published in Harvard Business Review, January 4, 2021, while work will likely never go back to our pre-pandemic status quo, the future will be a blended one that leverages the best of what both virtual and face-to-face experiences can offer.

The authors argue that collaboration, innovation, acculturation, and dedication are difficult to replicate virtually and sustain without some face-to-face interaction. But to design in-person environments that will be successful in the future, they say, you must create an immersive experience that incorporates elements like purposeful focus, interpersonal bonding, deep learning, unencumbered experimentation, and structured serendipity. While our blended future is still distant, companies will need to start considering what warrants face-to-face interaction and how to make the most of those precious opportunities.

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of new virtual ways of developing leaders and managing teams. But what will happen as we emerge from the crisis?


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