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Why it’s so hard to predict where the pandemic is headed next

This article in Wired, September 13th, bleeds uncertainty that will not go away. But with over 80% vaccinated, many so desperately want to meet in person. We recommend considering financial risk management solutions offered by Meeting Escrow to offset the uncertainty. We can help put your advance deposits in escrow so that if your event changes – cancels, gets postponed or is altered, the funds are protected and not in your vendors’ bank accounts.

AMONG THE PROFESSIONAL hazards faced by Carl Bergstrom, a professor of biology at the University of Washington, is that he is often asked where the Covid-19 pandemic is heading. The question comes in many variations—what next week will be like, or the next school year, or the next winter—and has so for as long as the virus has been with us. But recently it has gained a certain fervor. Bergstrom works at the intersection of two relevant subjects: how sentient beings like ourselves act on information, and how biological phenomena like viruses spread. So if anyone’s your answer guy, it’s him.


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