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Sourcing Company Solutions

Meeting Escrow benefits your clients and your company

Meeting Escrow is a trusted, independent provider of secure payment services for the Meetings Industry worldwide. We are the perfect partner for sourcing companies because our services: 

  • are non-competitive and fully complementary to your business

  • benefit your clients by saving time, saving money and eliminating risk

  • represent a new revenue stream (our fees are commissionable)


Key Services for your clients

1) Single Vendor Payment Solution

2) Foreign Currency Budget Protection

3) Advance Deposit Escrow

4) VAT tax recovery for out-of-country programs

5) Event insurance​

How do Sourcing Companies work with Meeting Escrow?


  1. Sourcing Companies introduce potential clients who they feel could benefit from our secure payment services.

  2. Meeting Escrow handles everything from that point forward (no extra workload for you)

  3. Once Meeting Escrow is approved as a vendor of record with your client, we open a main trust account for receipt of funds from the client and separate trust accounts for each of their divisions (if applicable) and programs.  Program trust accounts can be set up in 20 different currencies so that funds can be exchanged and held in the correct currency, eliminating risk to your client's budget due to exchange rate fluctuations.

  4. Meeting Escrow is introduced to vendors (hotels, DMCs, and other providers) at the RFP stage with the stipulation that you would like all advance deposits held in escrow until the program begins. This reduces risk. 

  5. Meeting Escrow pays all vendors on your clients' behalf from the trust accounts set up for their respective programs.

  6. Meeting Escrow can also coordinate VAT tax recovery, obtain completed foreign vendor tax forms (example W-8BEN forms for US companies working with hotels and other vendors out of the country), and provide event insurance recommendations. These services are provided on a complimentary basis.




There is no charge to sign-up with no long term contract  We get you onboarded quickly (due diligence, banking documentation) so you're ready to leverage our solutions at anytime.  Clients pay a USD $195 monthly trust account fee for each client trust account and vendor escrow trust account that we are managing.  Clients pay a 1.99% one-time fee when funds are deposited in trust with Meeting Escrow, There is no charge to withdraw funds at anytime.  Prices are subject to applicable taxes.  Exceptions may apply.

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Are Meeting Escrow Fees Commissionable?


Yes, any referral you provide that leads to any organization (whether your client or not) signing on with Meeting Escrow generates a 3-year trailing commission on their annual fee at no cost to the client.

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